Serena Wang, MBA

Serena Wang serves as VP, Head of Finance, IT and Procurement at Overland Pharmaceuticals.

Prior to Overland, Serena served as Head of Corporate Finance in Epimab Biotechnology, covering the area of Corporate Finance management, Finance Analysis &Planning, Finance Strategy Set-up and Financing activities, etc. Previously, she also held various finance managerial positions in in multinational companies such as Alfasigma Pharma, Roche Pharma China, Roche Pharma Germany and Siemens.

In total, Serena brings over 18 years of extensive finance management area in Pharmaceutical industry with corporate finance set up, finance analysis, compliance, financing & IPO Planning, etc. She held MBA degree from Hongkong University and is also the member of Australia CPA, CIMA, FIMA, IPA, FIPA.