Jie Chen, MD, PhD

Dr. Jie Chen serves as Head of Biometrics at Overland Pharmaceuticals.

Prior to Overland, Dr. Chen was a distinguished scientist in biostatistics at Merck Research Laboratories (US). He previously worked in China as Senior Global Group Head of Biostatistics at Novartis and as Senior Director and Head of Biometrics & Information Sciences at AstraZeneca and Merck Serono. He is also a member of the China Tripartite Coordination Committee, responsible for drafting and revising technical guidance for drug development in China. Dr. Chen holds 25 years of experience in biopharmaceutical R&D and has been invited to present at FDA/industry statistics workshops, EMA statistics symposia, and numerous other venues.

Dr. Chen received his PhD in Statistics from Temple University, Philadelphia, and his MD degree from Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University.